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The world of work, the organization of democratic societies and even the construction of personal identities, require skills; academic as well as social skills, such as imagination, creativity, collaboration and innovation. The European society requests all these skills to be taught in school, but how will it be possible to teach the children with this in view, if we do not have teachers who are committed to these values, and schools that understand how to create a common vision among staff to work towards these values?

The RETAIN Project is supported by The Lifelong Learning Programme. 10 High Level considerations for School ManagersKey considerations for school managers to obtain best outcomes when planning to introduce an inclusive, innovative and creative school environment in order to retain (new) teachers and keep teachers motivated and engaged in the teacher profession.

Training Material - How to use the Retain Toolbox
This manual includes six sessions. Each session may last from 15 from minutes to more than one hour – depending on the time available.


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