Co-construction, Co-design and collaboration between teacher generations
Research suggests that collaboration is linked to positive school outcomes, higher levels of motivation and effective implementation of change. In this theme, we address the ways in which collaboration between teachers can develop open, engaged and inclusive communities of practice in which professional learning has a central role. Our analysis of existing literature and initial research with teachers suggests that there are three key issues in teacher retention that collaborative working may help to address: Teacher Resilience, Risk management, and Innovation. The tools outlined in this theme of the toolbox are designed to support senior leaders in scaffolding collaboration between teams of teachers at all levels within the school, to address these broad challenges of teacher retention and to enable schools and teachers to focus on particular aspects that would either a) engage and excite them in their teaching (pull factors) or b) address particular classroom/team issues that are causing them particular difficulties (push factors).

Framework for collaborative dialogue - Blank template 

Framework for collaborative dialogue - Example of completet template

Framework for collaborative dialogue - Document with headings only

Framework for collaborative dialogue - Document with promt questions

Lesson study handbook 

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