Ramon Llull University

Blanquerna is a university and professional community of a very special kind, a non-profit maker and cofounder of the Universitat Ramon Llull, Catalonia’s first private university of which ESADE, IQS, La Salle, Pere Tarrés, Facultat de Filosofia, Observatori de l’Ebre, Vidal i Barraquer, Institut Borja, Turisme Sant Ignasi and ESDI are all part.

Starting with the teaching school, founded during the dictatorship in order to contribute to pedagogical progress in our country, other schools belonging to our university have gradually become established, all of them located in emblematic parts of Barcelona and all creating a new concept of urban campus: The School of Psychology, Sciences of Education and Sport, The School of Health Science and The School of Communication.

The Faculty of Psychology, Education and Sport Blanquerna at the Ramon Llull University includes the studies of Preschool Education, Primary Education, Psychology, Speech Therapy and Sport Sciences. The study plans are based in a theoretical and practical learning system, with workshops, practical training in schools, hospitals, sport facilities and a wide range of centres, and follows the axes of the Bologna Declaration.

The university has participated in Erasmus involving agreements with several European Higher Education Institutions which they exchange a considerable number of students with. URL believes that the quality of these exchanges depend of close relations with the partner institutions and to work together through joint programmes. A large number of their teachers also work on their professional specialty outside of the faculty which make them constantly actualized in their knowledge and contribute to our student’s’ education.

Blanquerna Faculty of Psychology, Education and Sport is a big school, with more than 3.000 students, 250 lecturers with different areas of expertise, and 1.400 training agreements with many enterprises and relevant institutions. We have more than 60 years of experience in higher education, standing out in a special methodology that sets out the personalization and its strong humanistic tradition. Blanquerna guides its students to the intellectual freedom and personal ethics. They learn into the plurality that gives them a cultural and humanistic basis and helps them to build their own personal and professional ethics.

Link to homepage of FPCEE Blanquerna: http://www.blanquerna.edu/en/fpcee

Contact: Eva Cañas Rovirosa evacr@blanquerna.url.edu

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