Haute École de Namur, Liège et Luxembourg

The University College ‘Haute Ecole de Namur-Liège-Luxembourg’ – HENALLUX is the result of a succession of different mergings in the last 15 years. We are situated in the French-speaking part of Belgium and we have departments in three provinces: Namur, Liège and Luxembourg. We have approximately 5500 students and 800 staff members. We offer different professional bachelor degrees: nursing, marketing, ICT, law, technician, social work, human resource management, economics, accountancy, librarian, and teacher training. We also offer some master degrees in industrial engineering, social management engineering and computer system architecture.

The department involved in the RETAIN Project is the teacher training department of Champion, where we train pre-school, primary and lower secondary school teachers. Next to providing pre-service training for future teachers many staff members are also engaged in in-service training for teachers in schools.

We cooperate on a regular basis with a lot of schools in our area for different projects and in RETAIN we can count on the support of a group of ‘pedagogic councilors’ who are in charge of accompanying and working with novice teachers.

The department is also active in different European and international projects, sending and receiving students from different European countries and outside of Europe. In the last few years we have coordinated a Comenius multilateral project and an Intensive Programme and we have participated in many other programmes like Leonardo. A staff member has been active in different programmes initiated by the European Centre for Modern Languages, an institution from the Council of Europe.

The contact person for the RETAIN Project is Chantal Muller



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