About Retain

The overall aim of the RETAIN Project is to create and develop an inclusive and creative school environment. An important precondition for this to happen, and thereby ensuring that the children and young people obtain the relevant key competences that are needed for them to thrive in today’s society, is the presence of highly qualified teachers and school managers. 

Unfortunately, many young teachers find the transition from studies into the teacher profession very difficult. Through an analysis within 25 schools around Europe, the RETAIN Project has identified that some young teachers either choose to leave the teacher profession or that many young teachers rather quickly get a strong feeling of demotivation, because the teacher profession showed to be different than what they expected, with a lot of administration and difficult relations with internal and external actors. In order to deal with this situation, the RETAIN Project wants to take a holistic approach on how to develop an inclusive and creative working environment within schools, which is motivating for both teachers and pupils, and which inspire collaboration between teacher generations, between the school and the outside world, and between teachers and parents.

The specific objectives of the projects are to develop, test, and propose a tool box, training tools, methods, recommendations and supportive training material that can assist school managers as well as teachers – young or experienced – to create an inclusive and creative working environment together.


The partnership is an excellent match for the tasks proposed in the RETAIN Project. The consortium consists of six partners from five European countries; two from Denmark, one from Belgium, one from United Kingdom, one from Spain, and one from Turkey. In total these partners are reaching out to 25 schools in Europe, five schools in each country. They are all well experienced in a cross boarder and project oriented setup each being an expert in different fields of the projects work program. All partners are listed below (just click on the names and you’ll find more information on each partner).

University College Syddanmark (UCS), Denmark

South Denmark European Office (SDEO), Denmark

Graduate School of Education at the University of Exeter (EXUNI), United Kingdom

Ramon Llull University, (RamLul), Spain

Haute Ecole de Namur-Liège-Luxembourg (HENALLUX), Belgium

The School of Foreign Languages at Cukurova University (CU), Turkey

Target group

The RETAIN Project differs from recent EU-project as it wants to approach the issue of improving qualifications of the teachers from a holistic – relational – point of view, focusing on the development of good relations between all stakeholders within the overall school context. Still the European approach has not taken this overall look at teachers working condition and therefore the RETAIN Project will include local authorities in the development of the proposed  tool box, and through testing create concrete examples that provides the best possible employee driven and innovative teaching and learning environment for teachers and children.

If there was to be identified some primary targets groups it would be:

- School managers
- Teachers – young as well as experienced

About Retain

The overall aim of the RETAIN Project is to create and develop an inclusive and creative school env…

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